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Assam & Meghalaya, Northeast India-9 days Itinerary

By Geeta K March 14, 2022, Day 1: Majuli, the largest river island in the world. We got on a plane from Bangalore and Landed at Jorhat Airport in Assam. Reached Nimati Ghat by Taxi. Airport to Nimati ghat is about 1.5 hrs. Ferry transfer from Nimati to Kamalabhari runs until 4 pm every day every…

Long Showers, Loud Music, Deep thoughts and stranded streets – Those 70 days

March 17-May 26,2020 Manila, Philippines. It was quiet, too quiet. I heard someone knocking on my door and realize that I was in my deep thoughts under the shower for so long. A Guy with loud music from the next room said, Covid-19 is all nonsense, why is everyone inside the room so scared, there…

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